After graduating with a Bachelor of Education in 2015, I moved to Korea to teach English as a second language. It was a wonderful opportunity to see the world while working in my chosen field. 

I only had to teach for the first few hours each day, then I was able to do as I pleased for the rest of the afternoon. Initially I spent my afternoons learning Korean - enough to get by - but then I realized that fluent Korean was not a practical skill to bring back to Canada with me. So I switched to watching Youtube videos about different artistic mediums; picking up the supplies that looked the most fun and interesting; and spending my evenings drawing and painting in my tiny apartment on a mountain in the middle of nowhere.

When I returned to Canada I returned to the field of Education, but continued to create in my spare time. 

Due to provincial budget cuts in Education, I was laid off from my dream job in 2019. A few months later, Covid struck - crumbling the job market,

Depressed, I went to a local international food store to find Korean comfort food - ramen. The food supply chain from Korea had shut down due to the virus, so no ramen could be found - but the owner of the store asked me what I was doing to pass the time. When I told him that I was painting, his face lit up! He immediately requested a commission of fifteen paintings to hang around the store to make his international patrons feel more at home (flags; animals; patriotic images).

That body of work attracted other requests for commissions, and before long I was making and selling enough art to keep me sane and fed throughout the chaos.

This Spring my work will be showing at the Cultural Market on Queen Street; the Capital Art Sale; and the Spring Feels Good market in Fredericton New Brunswick. Among - hopefully - other spaces. 

For now you can see my smaller, shippable pieces here on my website, and larger works (available in Fredericton only) on my Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you for visiting!

Sarah Lyons